Jane Spencer Editorial

Interior book design

Book design involves more than just the cover. If you’re self-publishing, it’s vital that your book looks professional inside and out, and this involves: 

  • selecting a book size, taking financial implications into account
  • typography – choosing an appropriate font
  • page layout, including setting appropriate margins
  • placing illustrations, tables and other images
  • ensuring that images are of sufficient quality
  • including appropriate front matter and end matter (such as the title page, copyright page, bibliography and so on)

It then needs to be turned into finished files ready for publishing. 

My book design service involves all the above, as necessary.

I am not a cover designer or an illustrator, but I can liaise with cover designers and illustrators regarding design requirements and file specifications.

Depending on your aims, the end product will be files ready to:

  • send to your printer
  • upload to print-on-demand solutions such as Amazon KDP or Ingram Spark
  • upload to your platform of choice as an ebook

It isn’t necessary to have hired me for your editing beforehand, but I strongly recommend that you arrange at least one round of independent editing before you have your book designed. It would also be wise to commission a proofreader for a final check of your book after it has been laid out and before going to print.

Please contact me for an initial discussion. It would be helpful if you could provide as much detail as you can regarding your book’s wordcount, its genre and intended audience, and how you to plan to publish.

Need more help?

If you’re self-publishing and finding the whole publishing process a little overwhelming, you may be interested in my self-publishing service. This can be tailored to include as much or as little help as you need. Please get in touch to discuss.