Jane Spencer Editorial


Hello and welcome. My name is Jane, and I am an editor, proofreader and typesetter working with authors, publishers, businesses and organisations. I also provide a full publishing consultation service for authors looking to self-publish.

I work with writers to help them craft their work to the highest standards, all the time retaining their voice and style. Editing is not just about correcting spelling, punctuation and grammar – although that is a part of it, of course. It’s also about ensuring that your meaning is clear and unambiguous, the text is smooth and appropriate for your audience and you are conveying exactly what you want to convey.

I work on:

  • RPG (roleplaying game) material 
  • novels and novellas (particularly in the genres of fantasy and science fiction)
  • non-fiction
  • magazine articles
  • website content
  • community magazines and newsletters

… and more.

Editing is very much an art rather than a science, and it’s important to find an editor who’s right for you. To help you with this process, I offer a free, no-obligation initial consultation, and/or a free 500-word sample edit or proofread of your manuscript.

Please feel free to browse my site, take a look at the services I provide and contact me if you’d like to know more, or if you’d like to understand more about what working with an editor is like and how you could benefit from hiring me.

I have trained in both editing and proofreading and take my continuing professional development seriously. I am a professional member of the the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP), and I abide by its Code of Practice.