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Manuscript Evaluation

When you’ve finished your book and would like professional feedback on how it hangs together, a manuscript evaluation is a great choice.

This is a high-level analysis of your book. It helps you understand which bits are working well and which could benefit from further attention.

My manuscript evaluations look at elements such as plot, story arc, setting, characterisation, point of view, dialogue and more. You will receive a report of at least 2,000 words detailing your manuscript’s strong points and pointing out areas for improvement. Throughout the report, I will usually make reference to particular passages or scenes and, if appropriate, I will include suggestions for further research or reading.

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Line and Copyediting

When you’re happy with the structure of your story, it’s time to polish the writing so that your readers will feel engaged and immersed.

Line editing looks at style, flow, clarity, word choice, consistency and point of view, while copyediting is concerned more with the mechanical side, such as grammar, spelling and punctuation. I offer the two as a combined service, focusing on working with you to polish your story, while maintaining your voice and style. 

The time for line and copyediting is when your book is structurally complete, you are confident that the story and plot are sound, and you’ve finished your own editing.

The cost of copyediting varies depending on the amount of work required.

Read further details here and contact me to discuss.


The final stage – when a book has been thoroughly edited and is ready to go.

Proofreading picks up any remaining errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, layout and formatting.

It is meant to be a final quality-control check before publication. It usually takes place after typesetting, but it can be done beforehand, depending on your workflow and your plans for your book.

The cost of proofreading varies depending on the amount of work required.

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interior Book Design (Typesetting)

If you’re self-publishing, it’s vital that your book looks professional inside and out. My book design service involves:

  • selecting a book size
  • typography
  • page layout
  • placing illustrations, tables and other images
  • ensuring that images are of sufficient quality
  • including appropriate front matter and end matter

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Self-publishing Services

If you don’t know where to start, or you just want help with some of it, my self-publishing services could be what you need. I offer:

  • editing and proofreading
  • finding cover designers and illustrators
  • obtaining ISBNs
  • typesetting and book design
  • liaising with printers
  • publishing through Amazon KDP or Ingram Spark
  • preparing and uploading ebook files
  • deciding on a distribution and sales solution

…and more

Read further details here and contact me to discuss.

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