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RPG Editing

RPG editing is a unique task. Roleplaying games and related material sit somewhere between fiction and non-fiction, with a readership that has a wealth of knowledge. It’s crucial to produce a professional product that they will love, and hopefully recommend to their friends!

Immerse readers in your world

RPG editing

Of prime importance is that your readers and players can thoroughly immerse themselves in your world, so clarity, flow, style and consistency are key (as well as correct spelling, punctuation and grammar, of course!).

I have been working with RPG writers since 2020 and have edited many campaigns, books and magazines, including an ENNIE Award winner.

I can edit in UK and US English and am experienced in working with Wizards of the Coast’s D&D Style Guide. I’m also happy discussing the merits of dwarfs vs dwarves and debating whether to use griffin, griffon or gryphon! At the end of the day, it’s your writing, and I will work with you to create and adhere to the style you choose so that we can produce a professional book. And I’ll document all editing choices made so that you can take them through to subsequent publications, ensuring consistency within your worlds.

You can see a flavour of the books I have worked on below and on my experience page, but please feel free to contact me to ask any questions.

If you’re a solo creator or indie publisher, I appreciate that your workflow may not mirror that within standard publishing. I can meet you where you are. I am happy to work with raw text in Microsoft Word, but can also work in other applications, such as Adobe InDesign and Affinity Publisher. Please do ask.

In the three years I have been writing professionally, I have won an international writing award and been nominated for a second. I could not have done that with the quite honestly brilliant assistance of Jane Spencer.

I would recommend her to anyone seeking to publish any work, no matter how long or short. It’s not just the incredibly high quality of editing work that Jane does which is so good, but also the constructive and educational feedback she provides. Working with her has been an education, in English, in writing and in my own writing philosophies.

I could write volumes of praise for her and her work, but let me summarise with this fact – I refuse to publish any work, whether digital or in print, without having Jane edit it first. If you are smart, you’ll do the same.

Stephen Hart, The Grinning Frog, April 2023
editing experience - RPG
Won the Judges’ Spotlight ENNIE Award 2021
Nominated for an ENNIE Award 2022

Jane has worked on a number of projects for my company now. The work is always of exceptional quality, delivered within the agreed timescale and including both a clean copy and a ‘changes shown’ version. Will keep coming back with more work.

Kel, Awfully Queer Heroes, April 2023